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Ingrown Hairs

How to Minimize Discomfort From Waxing

by in Best hard wax, Bikini Wax, Bikini wax kit, Delicate Areas, hair removal, Ingrown Hairs, Self waxing, Sensitive Skin, Waxes, Waxing October 10, 2019

One of the things we get asked a LOT is if a bikini wax hurts. The simple truth is; yes, you will feel a sting when you remove hairs from their follicles. How you experience pain or discomfort is very personal and depends on the area you’re waxing. Some people aren’t bothered by the feeling […]

The mystery of the ingrown hair!

by in Ingrown Hairs February 27, 2019

Anyone who has ever shaved or waxed will no doubt be familiar with ingrown hairs and well aware of the pain, irritation and embarrassment they cause. As a therapist, I’ve seen many ingrown hairs and the most memorable ones are the ones that have been squeezed, picked, plucked, dug out and cut at by frustrated […]