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8 Thoughts Everyone Has During a Bikini Wax

by in Bikini Wax, Delicate Areas, Waxes September 6, 2019

  1. Will it hurt?
    The no.1 reason people don’t wax is because they fear the pain. If you’re using the right wax with the right technique, there’s nothing to be afraid of! Yes, you will feel a sting when you remove hairs from their follicles, but how you experience pain or discomfort is very personal and depends on the area you’re waxing. Factors that weigh in can be your skin type, your hair type, where you are in your cycle or simply what your pain threshold is. There’s only one way to find out if waxing will hurt for you and that is to just give it a try! Trust us, all will be forgotten when you feel how smooth your skin feels. And it does definitely become less painful every time you wax.
  2. What wax do I use?
    There are so many waxes for home use on the market, that it can be a real struggle to find the right one. There isn’t a one-wax-fits-all that is best for hair removal on your whole body. Our general rule of thumb is to use a strip wax on large areas like your legs or arms and a hard wax on delicate areas of your body like your face or bikini line. The difference is that strip wax can be applied in large sections and is removed using a wax strip and hard wax releases from the skin more easily and can be removed without a strip.
  3. Is it weird to ask my friend to help?
    Not at all! In fact, we recommend waxing with a friend. It’s more fun and it’s much easier to wax those hard to reach areas. To make it more comfortable, our self-waxing kit Salon Wax comes with a disposable g-string.
  4. How do I prepare?
    First of all, it’s important that your hair is approx. ¼ inch long. Make sure your skin is clean, dry and free from all oils and moisturisers – otherwise the wax might not stick properly and you won’t get the results you’re after. Pick the right wax for the job: the best bikini waxing kit is Waxxxie Salon Wax, a hard wax that can be removed without strips. Read the instructions carefully and heat the wax up to the recommended temperature.
  5. How do I start?
    We recommend perfecting your technique on a less sensitive area, like your legs, before you move onto waxing your bikini line. Apply the wax in a thick, oval shaped layer. Make sure you apply the wax with the hair growth, ending in an area with no hair. Wait for the wax to set and remove against the hair growth. You can repeat this process if necessary – all Waxxxie waxes are dermatologically tested and proven gentle on sensitive skin.
  6. When will my hair grow back?
    Regular waxing will lead to hairs growing back slower and finer making waxing even easier than it was to start with! Whatever you do, DO NOT shave in between. To get the best results from waxing you need all your hairs to be growing at the same rate, shaving in-between completely throws your hair growth cycle off. This is also the reason that your hair might grow back faster than you would like after your first wax.
  7. That’s soooooo smooth!
    Told ya!
  8. How do I keep my skin smooth?
    Aftercare is very important! We recommend exfoliating regularly to make sure no hair gets trapped under the skin when it starts to grow back. There are great lotions and serums on the market that help prevent ingrown hairs and make your skin feel silky smooth for longer. The best range of ingrown hair solutions we know is Bump eRaiser. It has a product for everything: for preventing ingrown hairs and to use if you already have an ingrown.

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